Minutes of June 22, 2017 Council Meeting

Present: Cathy Heying, Virgil Mathiowetz, Darlene Mattson, Mark Muller, Bob Murphy, Hugh Smeltekop, Paul Sommers, Jeanne Wingenter

We began with a delicious pot luck dinner to welcome new members, Darlene and Hugh, to the Council and to thank Bob and Paul who finish their terms with this meeting.


Council roles affirmed: Chair – Virgil Mathiowetz

Vice-Chair – Cathy Heying

Secretary – Jeanne Wingenter

Treasurer - Karen Klein

Discussed Council Liaisons to committees. May change a bit as further discussions clarify future needs.

Adult Education - Virgil

Children & Family – still to be determined

Communications & Visioning - Hugh

Facilities - Hugh

Finance – Karen

JEAC - Cathy

Location – Mark

Outreach – Darlene

Special Needs - Virgil

Worship - Jeanne

Discussed the need to keep conversation and collaboration between committees to keep moving forward.


Update on Children & Family Coordinator position:

- Over the past years, this position has varied from 6-10 hours per week; challenge is how to

track someone’s work for a timed job.

- Another concern is how to attract more families with children; how to grow the program

- Two persons expressed interest in the position pending more discussion on hours needed and

what the position covers.

- Because Joe Kruse ended in May, Elise is writing curriculum over the summer.

- Discussion on how to collaborate with other faith communities, sacramental programs

- Council approved proposal that we increase time to 10 hours a week year round; include

additional “duties” such as creative endeavors, visioning, dreaming, exploring options.

- Form small personnel committee to advertise position, update job description, interview

Get parents with vested interest involved.


Update on bulletin description of our community

- Discussion of updating description of our community on the front of the bulletin

- In progress with Communication committee

- May include broader community discussion.


Communications committee continuing to discuss possible options for website updates and maintenance.

Personnel business:

- Hugh will clarify contract for Vin. Worship Committee responsible for evaluation of

Marilaurice as Worship Coordinator. Suggestion that she do a self-evaluation of first year of

Community Life Coordinator job and any changes to job description. Virgil will follow up with


- Council supports Marilaurice coming to Council meetings more frequently; sharing “big picture” reality and ideas.

History of St. Stephen’s project:

- Bulletin announcements have asked for volunteers

- Organizing core group of coordinators


Lock box for money storage being looked at as some concerns arise. Finance Committee looking at updating procedures.

Joe Kruse wedding – need to resolve some insurance questions. Marilaurice as point person to contact for details about facilities use and responsibilities.

Future meetings:

Thursday, July 20

Thursday, August 31

Thursday, Sept. 28

Thursday, Oct. 26