If you want peace, work for justice.

The Justice, Education, and Action Committee (JEAC) addresses issues of systemic change through focused education and action. The program is structured around a Steering Committee, which sets the overall direction of JEAC, and Working Groups, which design efforts around specific justice issues. The goal of the program is to increase communication about social justice concerns and to invite all community members to be involved in systemic change in some way.

From Spirit of St. Stephen's Mission Statement:

Accepting the challenge of the Gospel, we declare our solidarity with all who suffer from injustice.
We will continue to meet the needs of the vulnerable,
responding to hunger, homelessness, illiteracy, loneliness, and intolerance.

Our care for one another includes care for the whole web of life:
the earth, its atmosphere, its water,  and all of creation.

Get involved with St. Stephen's Human Services.
Volunteer to help end homelessness and serve our most vulnerable neighbors.

Get involved with area justice organizations.
Organizations where you can volunteer to make change.

Legislative Advocacy Partners (LAP)
Work for justice through legislative advocacy to change the structures of poverty.

The Bridge Committee
Liaison group between Spirit of St. Stephen's and St. Stephen's Human Services.


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