Sanctuary-Support at Spirit

SOSSCC decided to become a Sanctuary-Supporting Congregation early in 2017. Through the ISAIAH network, we have joined with congregations around the state to accompany people facing deportation.  Among actions to support those in our community being adversely affected by policies and practices regarding their immigration/refugee status, SOSSCC is committed to:


  • offer hospitality and provide tangible/physical resources to Sanctuary churches

  • provide physical accompaniment to people in Sanctuary care

  • join rapid response networks as moral and legal observers

  • advocate for legislative and systemic changes that impact immigrant communities

  • express publicly our commitment to fight racist policies and work toward inclusion of all

  • pray consistently for justice in immigration policies


Our SOSSCC Sanctuary Task Force currently meets on the second Sunday of each month following liturgy. There are 4 working groups established to help organize our work.


Contact persons:

·      Hospitality                    Amy Smith

·      Pray-ers                                                      Batya Tova

·      Education                                                    Donna Cerkvenik

·      Activism                                                       Anne Archbold


Mary Sutherland sends out a weekly update via email.

John Sauer is the task force liaison to the Justice Education and Action Committee.

Karen Klein is the liaison to the Finance Committee and Parish Council.


The work of these groups is evolving and ALL ARE WELCOME to join in any way that works for you!

Please feel free to contact any of the above named task force members with questions, comments and input.


Some on-line resources that members of the task force have turned to for information include:

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