collection basket 

We welcome your contributions to our community of time, talent, and financial resources. Financial resources are directed in these areas:

General Fund - for operations, including our worship, education, justice, and pastoral care.
Internal Assistance - for immediate emergency needs of members of Spirit of St. Stephen's Catholic Community.
Special Needs Program - for support of our religious education and social program for people with special needs.
First Sunday Second Collection - for a different charity each month.
SSHS Human Services - for general support of St. Stephen's Human Services.
SSHS Emergency Fund - for immediate emergency needs of our poorer neighbors in need of assistance from St. Stephen's Human Services.
Rye House - for support of rent at Rye House, a place of hospitality and service in the Catholic Worker tradition


Contribute in any of several ways: 
- Mail us a check made to Spirit of St. Stephens Catholic Community, c/o 106 E 24 St, Minneapolis MN 55404.
- Make a one-time contribution here by credit card or withdrawal from your bank account.
- Set up or manage e-contributions periodically withdrawn from your credit card or bank account. Or click here for a paper e-contributions authorization form to sign and mail.
- Donate appreciated stock; contact us for details.
- Remember us in your will, see Planned Giving Instructions.


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