All people are welcome to join us for worship and in service. Membership in the Spirit of St. Stephens Catholic Community is required to vote in Community Council elections and for access to protected material on the web site.

The Spirit of St. Stephen’s Catholic Community (SOSSCC) is a worshipping community of families and individuals informed by, and committed to, both the spirit of social justice reflected in Vatican II, and to our rich tradition of Catholic spirituality.  All are welcome to our worship services and to the table of our God.  We believe that when we are gathered together, Jesus Christ is present and in our midst. 

As a legally incorporated, non-profit entity, the corporation is responsible for its actions.  Decision-making power and fiscal planning generally rest with a democratically elected Leadership Council and regularly scheduled Community Assembly meetings.  When formal decisions regarding budget and program needs are to be made at Community Assemblies, all registered members are eligible to vote.  All are welcome to our services and participation in community events regardless of formal registration.

Formal registration with SOSSCC is a necessity of our new legal incorporation and is not intended to exclude anyone from involvement in the community.   Defining membership, for basic organizational and budget planning purposes, also provides an opportunity to form us into a community that is more intentional regarding its commitment to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Registration information will help us get to know each other better, vis-à-vis community member gifts and involvements in social service/action groups.  And registration will also give us some much-needed information on the number of children in our community.  Registration information will be treated as confidential with the exception of address information when permission is granted by those registering, and financial information which shall only be available to certain council members and finance committee members as necessary for fiscal planning. 

Because SOSSCC is open and welcoming to all individuals, and attracts a large number of individuals from across the Twin Cities, it is important to know who are ‘voting members’ of the community.  Voting eligibility is accorded all who have formally registered with the community and who are a minimum of 16 years of age.  

It is expected that all voting members,

 1.  Affirm the Mission Statement of the Spirit of St. Stephen’s Catholic Community.
 2.  Attend worship at SOSSCC on a regular basis, as one is able.
 3.  Make regular monthly financial contributions to help pay expenses and to support the practical and ongoing work of SOSSCC. 
  We realize that ability to contribute financially varies among individuals and families. We consider contributing at any level  to be adequate for voting membership. Monies pledged through registration will be designated to the work of SOSSCC only. There will be additional voluntary collections for other efforts.
 4.  Commit to some form of direct service or justice action, either within the Twin Cities community, or the larger state or national community.  Types of involvement can be wide-ranging, from formal participation in social justice action to praying for the community and its needs.   Direct service may also come in some form of involvement/stewardship in the immediate SOSSCC.

     No one will be “checking up” on this aspect of membership.  The intention is to help clarify our individual and community commitments.

     A list of stewardship opportunities within SOSSCC, as well as a partial list of external direct service and justice action groups, is available.

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