Every community member is called to ministry in his or her own way. If you log in to this web site as a registered community member, you can see schedules and contact information.


Thanks to all of you who serve the community through the ministries of Liturgy.  One of the strengths of the community is how many people volunteer each weekend to make prayer happen in a comfortable, orderly, graceful, and prayerful fashion.  We are blessed with abundance.

We request that all ministers renew your efforts to attend the pre-liturgy huddle at 9:15.  This assists the coordinators in knowing if all the ministers are present and allows them some time to recruit others as needed.  Readers, those to whom we entrust the proclaiming of the Word, must be at the 9:15 huddle.  If not, they will be replaced with another member of the community who can take a moment to look over the scriptures.
The Word is important to us and so is the sanity of the coordinators.  Please contact Marilaurice (612-701-7558) if you have any questions.  Thank you.

Ministry schedules are only visible to logged in users.

Ministry contact information (which used to appear here) is in the Member Directory which is only visible to logged in users. In the Member Directory you can click "Search users" to search for a particular ministry or person. Click "My Account" on the lower left to update and "sign up" for ministries in your Member Directory record. Ministries are voluntary, however people who select "prayer leader" will need training and acceptance by the current prayer leaders. Our community members who aren't able to access or update the Member Directory themselves are welcome to send changes to webmaster@spiritofststephens.org.

Ministry instructions, such as how to set up liturgy, or how to bake bread, are open to the public.

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