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JUNE 18, 2017 ~ 9:30 A.M.

Community Council council@spiritofststephens.org: Cathy Heying, Karen Klein, Virgil Mathiowetz, Mark Muller, Bob Murphy, Paul Sommers, and Jeanne Wingenter

Community Life Coordinator: Marilaurice Hemlock   info@spiritofststephens.org

Spirit of St. Stephen’s Catholic Community is an independent Catholic community rooted in Vatican II and Catholic Social Teaching. We believe in the priesthood of all people of faith, and we center our worship on the Eucharist. We support each other in trying to follow the nonviolent Jesus who was radically inclusive. Justice and inclusion in our worship and in our community support our work for justice and peace in our world. We are living the questions, and listening for the Spirit's guidance. All are welcome.

Welcome to AllThank you for joining your prayer with ours this morning. We remain at many different places along our paths and your questions or comments are invited by any of the ministers. Visitors: We have child care available and also a program for older children during the school year. The first row of chairs on each side of the altar (nearest the musicians) are for those using wheelchairs, walkers, or canes or needing easy access to seating; please do not block the view of those who remain seated in these rows. The section near the front door is a scent free area to better accommodate the needs of individuals with chemical sensitivities/allergies; please refrain from sitting there if you have applied any scented personal care products or have used scented laundry detergent or dryer sheets on your clothing.

COMMUNITY MEMBERS IN NEED FUND – We've collected funds to help meet the urgent needs of our registered SOSSCC members in the areas of housing, food, clothing, medical, and/or transportation. If you have such a (monetary) need which would be alleviated by a (generally) one-time infusion of a modest amount of cash, or if you know of a member who has such a need, please apply (or encourage that person to apply). Call or email Ed and Sally Ehlinger, edehlinger@gmail.com (612) 827-8087; Michael Donahue, med717@aol.com (651) 264-9590; Kathy Murphy, kcmurphytaylor@aol.com (612) 871-8712; or Lynn Hallett, mlhallett@yahoo.com (651) 697-9534. We respect your privacy.

Death of a loved one?….Health or family crises?... Unable to attend our community worship? How do I access spiritual care/ support during such difficult or life-changing times? Call 612-767-4530 to reach someone about a pastoral care need. By following the prompts your call will be forwarded to a Pastoral Care member’s home phone where you can request a call back. A member of the Pastoral Care committee will contact you and link you with community members who have volunteered to be of assistance. PC Committee members rotate being ‘on-call.’

Gluten-free Eucharist is available to all who would like it. The communion station will be near the windows behind the East pillar.


Please pray for mercy for all those who live on death row across the country. Please also pray for the victims of violent crime, all the families involved, the prison staff, and those who hold vigil to end the death penalty. For more information about efforts to abolish the death penalty, go to www.deathpenaltyinfo.org.

Prayer Network (Marilaurice@hotmail.com) This week we pray in the miraculous mystery of the Body of Christ. We pray in gratitude for the flesh and blood of Jesus who walked among us as a brother. We pray in gratitude for the miracle of our own bodies, especially the brand-new bodies of babies and the aging bodies of elders. We pray with all who seek healing for their bodies; community members waiting for a diagnosis and then making decisions about treatment, all who live with unpredictable illnesses and all who love them, dear ones who live with cancer, all who seek strength of body, mind and spirit for the journey, and all who slowly will be knit back together after injury or accident especially Florence. We pray with all who must make decisions for themselves or loved ones about entering hospice care and the last days of life in this body. We pray with all members of the Body of Christ who are wounded: by weapons of violence, by actions of disrespect, by words of hatred, by being ignored and forgotten. We pray with all who know the humility of hunger and thirst, especially school children no longer getting two meals at school, and all who overindulge. We pray in gratitude for gospel groups such as Loaves and Fishes, Second Harvest and Twelve Baskets and all the groups and individuals who take up the challenge of Jesus “Why do you not give them something to eat yourselves?” We pray with all who denied access to the Body of Christ in Eucharist. We pray in gratitude for the father who gave us life, the father who raised us, and each man who shows us the gentle, loving, faithful, strong, wise, Abba-face of God. We pray in gratitude for men who stay involved in their children’s lives when it would be easy to walk away and for men who purposefully involve themselves in the lives of children. We pray in gratitude for birth fathers and adoptive fathers. We pray in gratitude for women who must be both mother and father to their children. We pray in sadness with all men who would like to be fathers and cannot, who are denied access to their children, whose children deny them, whose children have died or whose children are absent to them. We pray with all the members of the Body of Christ who suffer addictions and all who work their program hour by hour. We pray in gratitude for all who offer comfort and healing to our physical bodies. We pray in gratitude for the gift of life on both sides of heaven and comfort for all who mourn.   We pray with all who strive to heal Mother Earth and make her part of the whole Body. We pray with all who suffer through severe storms, earthquakes, fires, and floods. We pray with SOSS community members camping together this weekend. We pray with the Yanez and Castile families and our community as we live with the jury’s decision. We pray with sisters and brothers during the last days of the graces of Ramadan as they prepare to celebrate Eid al-Fitr on Saturday 6/24. We pray in gratitude for the gifts of the Universe especially the rhythm of the seasons as marked by the summer solstice (6/20 11:54 PM). We pray with travelers, both the willing and unwilling, especially political refugees, immigrants, migrants, and asylum seekers. We pray with all committed to ending human trafficking. We pray with soldiers and their families in every land. We pray for peace. With the sick, the suffering, faithful caregivers and all who have died, we pray to our God....

   Pentecost and fire are a source for the eucharist.
   There is the fire of ovens,
   which bakes our dough into eucharistic bread.

And there is the fire of the spirit,
which bakes our hearts into living bread.

                                    Jeffery VanderWilt

Spirit of St. Stephen’s Oral History Project Peace & justice… Vatican II… Solidarity with the suffering… Civil disobedience… Radical inclusion… Living the questions…! Our faith community’s history is rich and compelling and we’re gathering the stories! Would you like to interview someone or type up an interview? Training will be provided. Participate a little or a lot—you choose! For young adults or members who joined SOSS more recently, this is an opportunity to converse with a beloved elder. Summers can be busy, so even if you can’t help until fall or winter, please get on the volunteer list! Contact Margaret Miles at 612-990-7149 or milesminneapolis@gmail.com

WE HAVE INHERITED A TREASURE-TROVE!  Richelle P-K was a highly regarded professional religious educator and, in that capacity she led Bible Study groups.
Richelle has given the Adult Education Committee recordings of her lectures on many of the books of the Bible. AEC would like to know the level of interest of community members for some long-term Bible study. AEC has no format or time period in mind.  Rather, the Committee would like to know who in our community might be interested in some serious study of the Bible. If/when there is interest the AEC could facilitate a Bible-study program using the lectures. Please tell me, or any member of AEC, if you might like to be involved. Reply here or call Kathy Murphy at
612 871-8712.

Sunday, June 18 - Ten minutes after the conclusion of our worship, a presentation begins in the Fireside Room. Zach Johnson (one of the younger participants at SOSS and a member of the Mpls.Catholic Workers) has recently been appointed the Executive Director of Call to Action - USA. Zach has assumed a very important position in this consistency progressive organization, formed over 40 years ago as a response to the challenges set out by the Second Vatican Council. CTA has worked tirelessly for justice and equality in the world and in the Roman Catholic Church in the U.S.  Zach will tell us of his goals and plans to advance the work of CTA. This will be a very interesting program.  (Sponsored by the Adult Education Committee).


Spirit of St Stephen’s Catholic Community Bulletin Report May, 2017

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