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JULY 2, 2017 ~ 9:30 A.M.

Community Council council@spiritofststephens.org: Cathy Heying, Karen Klein, Virgil Mathiowetz, Darlene Mattson, Mark Muller, Hugh Smeltekop and Jeanne Wingenter
Community Life Coordinator: Marilaurice Hemlock info@spiritofststephens.org

Spirit of St. Stephen’s Catholic Community is an independent Catholic community rooted in Vatican II and Catholic Social Teaching. We believe in the priesthood of all people of faith, and we center our worship on the Eucharist. We support each other in trying to follow the nonviolent Jesus who was radically inclusive. Justice and inclusion in our worship and in our community support our work for justice and peace in our world. We are living the questions, and listening for the Spirit's guidance. All are welcome.

Welcome to All– Thank you for joining your prayer with ours this morning. We remain at many different places along our paths and your questions or comments are invited by any of the ministers. Visitors: We have child care available and also a program for older children during the school year. The first row of chairs on each side of the altar (nearest the musicians) are for those using wheelchairs, walkers, or canes or needing easy access to seating; please do not block the view of those who remain seated in these rows. The section near the front door is a scent free area to better accommodate the needs of individuals with chemical sensitivities/allergies; please refrain from sitting there if you have applied any scented personal care products or have used scented laundry detergent or dryer sheets on your clothing.

COMMUNITY MEMBERS IN NEED FUND – We've collected funds to help meet the urgent needs of our registered SOSSCC members in the areas of housing, food, clothing, medical, and/or transportation. If you have such a (monetary) need which would be alleviated by a (generally) one-time infusion of a modest amount of cash, or if you know of a member who has such a need, please apply (or encourage that person to apply). Call or email Ed and Sally Ehlinger, edehlinger@gmail.com (612) 827-8087; Michael Donahue, med717@aol.com (651) 264-9590; Kathy Murphy, kcmurphytaylor@aol.com (612) 871-8712; or Lynn Hallett, mlhallett@yahoo.com (651) 697-9534. We respect your privacy.

SOSS community members place high value on responding to the pastoral needs of one another. Please let us know when you (or someone you love) are experiencing a health crisis, death of a loved one or other difficult times. Call 612-767-4530 and follow the menu instructions to relate your pastoral care need. You will be forwarded to the home phone of the Pastoral Care person on call. The Pastoral Care person will answer or call you back to link you with community members who have volunteered to be of assistance. PC members rotate being ‘on-call’.

Gluten-free Eucharist is available to all who would like it. The communion station will be near the windows behind the East pillar.

Please pray for mercy for all those who live on death row across the country. Please also pray for the victims of violent crime, all the families involved, the prison staff, and those who hold vigil to end the death penalty. For more information about efforts to abolish the death penalty, go to www.deathpenaltyinfo.org.

Prayer Network (Marilaurice@hotmail.com) OR Marilaurice@hotmail.com This week we pray with all who offer hospitality and welcome. We pray in gratitude for our God and all who extend hospitality from an abundance of love and wealth. We pray in gratitude for all who are generous from their poverty and need. We pray with all who seek to return generosity with generosity. We pray with all who welcome children into this world and into their lives, and all who struggle with this. We pray health and peace to all pregnant women. We pray in gratitude for the welcome offered in a shared meal. We pray in gratitude for farmers, gardeners, farm workers, chefs, everyday cooks, servers, dishwashers, and all who make life-giving meals possible for us every single day. We pray in gratitude for the welcome we received in baptism. We pray with all who live their baptism with courage and strength each day. We pray in gratitude for our life in Christ. We pray with all who seek a new life. We pray in the hope of freedom everywhere in the world for everyone, without exception. We act for peace and nonviolence everywhere in the world. We pray with all who are created in God’s image yet struggle to be ‘worthy.’ We pray with all who know the abundant love of family and the many who wish they did. We pray in gratitude for families of choice who show us love. We pray in gratitude for families who teach us how to live the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We pray with all who seek the humility and courage to follow Jesus. We pray with all who struggle to offer hospitality and welcome without distinction. We pray with President Trump and our elected officials that hospitality be offered in our name and through our tax dollars. We pray with all who are looking for their lives. We pray with all who sense they are near the end of their earthly life but have found a life in God. We pray in gratitude for the rewards of God: inclusion, joy, confidence, peace, love, a hunger for justice. We pray in gratitude for prophets, disciples, justice activists, and all who offer bit of bread or cup of water to sisters and brothers in need. We pray in gratitude for opportunities to welcome God into our home, community, or heart. We pray in gratitude for strong women leaders, especially Jean W. leaving the CSJ Leadership team, and Suzanne H. and Cathy S. joining it; we hold you all in our prayers of peace and wisdom. We pray with all community members and our dear ones seeking healing and wholeness in body, mind, and spirit, especially Florence and Kathleen C. We pray with all desperately worried about the future of their health care. We pray for the Spirit’s guidance as we seek a new spiritual home. We pray with travelers, both the willing and unwilling, especially political refugees, immigrants, migrants, and asylum seekers. We pray with all committed to ending human trafficking. We pray with soldiers and their families in every land. We pray for peace. With the sick, the suffering, faithful caregivers and all who have died, we pray to our God....

Did you know... "Between 2000 and 2011 immigrants not authorized to work here contributed between $2.2 billion and $3.8 billion a year more to Medicare then they withdrew, according to a 2016 study." The Sanctuary/Immigration Task Force asks for your prayers for these human beings.

Heads Up!!! The AEC has begun to set up the next book discussion groups.  Watch next week for more details. We plan to have 2 afternoon and 2 evening groups; we will be reading and discussing selected material from The Strength of Her Witness, edited by Elizabeth Johnson.  These are essays written by women from across the globe about witnessing Jesus Christ in our lives. Stay tuned for details. Signing up will begin July 9.  Books will be available then.

The new schedule for liturgy volunteers has been completed and posted to the website. It goes from July 2nd through October 29th. If you are unable to serve when assigned, it is greatly appreciated if you find a substitute and notify the coordinators for that day. A heartfelt ‘thank you’ to each of our liturgical ministers... Without you our Sunday liturgy could not happen!!!

Next Sunday, July 9: Kathleen R. has graciously offered to teach 3 summer church-school sessions on Pollinators and Creation for any kids who are around, beginning next Sunday! She has done this for many summers and we are grateful for her expertise.
Here are the sessions:
    July 9:  What are Pollinators and Why do we need Butterflies anyway?
    July 30:  Pollinators live in Community too; Ladybugs, Bees, Ants and more.
      August 20:  The Great Migration; How can we help? (Tag and Release Event)
Each session will include: meet the Pollinator, 1st People's stories from oral history, Storybooks and discussion, crafts. 
Next Sunday, July 9, will meet in the All Saints room down the short hall and the other two will be held in the Fireside Room. All are welcome.  Please contact Kathleen or Marilaurice if you have any questions.

Sunday, July 9 - Plan ahead: On July 9, after Mass, there will be a gathering for conversation in the Fireside Room sponsored by several committees of the community. The topic has to do with our upcoming 10th Anniversary as Spirit of St. Stephen’s in March of 2018 and the conversation will center around “Who are we now?” and “Who do we plan to become?” You will receive via email a copy of the mission statement and of the statement on the front of the bulletin. We hope to use the information from this and other conversations to inform an updated statement of who we are and perhaps a new logo or other means to let the community know about us and our values. The conversation will be no more than an hour and moderated by Communications Committee. If you have questions, please contact Marilaurice 612-701-7558.

July 15, 2017 Special Needs Boat Ride!    9:30 to Noonish.  
Full details in the “Everyone” email of 6/27 but here is the essence:
Gather at Bohemian Flats at 9:30-9:45 for a prompt launch at 10:00 AM on the Minneapolis Queen. They have other tours so there is no waiting for late arrivals. Paradise Charter Cruises website has a map and directions to the Flats. A little over an hour ride up to the Stone Arch Bridge and back down the river gorge. Air conditioned inside seating if it is hot, windy, or rainy, and outside seating/standing for close-up views of the majestic Mississippi River. A pizza picnic follows with live music! The cost is whatever you want it to be! This trip is paid for; your donation would be toward next year’s trip. Call Dick if you have questions. Call Dick to say you are coming (612-437-1144) and how many friends you are bringing! Room for 100 souls.  This is one of the major events of the year for our Special Needs friends. Come share the joy.

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