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October 15th, 2017 ~ 9:30 A.M.


Community Council council@spiritofststephens.org: Cathy Heying, Karen Klein, Virgil Mathiowetz, Darlene Mattson, Mark Muller, Hugh Smeltekop and Jeanne Wingenter
Community Life Coordinator: Marilaurice Hemlock info@spiritofststephens.org


Spirit of St. Stephen’s Catholic Community is an independent Catholic community rooted in Vatican II and Catholic Social Teaching. We believe in the priesthood of all people of faith, and we center our worship on the Eucharist. We support each other in trying to follow the nonviolent Jesus who was radically inclusive. Justice and inclusion in our worship and in our community support our work for justice and peace in our world. We are living the questions, and listening for the Spirit's guidance. All are welcome.


Welcome to All – Thank you for joining your prayer with ours this morning. We remain at many different places along our paths and your questions or comments are invited by any of the ministers. Visitors: We have child care available and also a program for older children during the school year. The first row of chairs on each side of the altar (nearest the musicians) are for those using wheelchairs, walkers, or canes or needing easy access to seating; please do not block the view of those who remain seated in these rows. The section near the front door is a scent free area to better accommodate the needs of individuals with chemical sensitivities/allergies; please refrain from sitting there if you have applied any scented personal care products or have used scented laundry detergent or dryer sheets on your clothing.


COMMUNITY MEMBERS IN NEED FUND – We've collected funds to help meet the urgent needs of our registered SOSSCC members in the areas of housing, food, clothing, medical, and/or transportation. If you have such a (monetary) need which would be alleviated by a (generally) one-time infusion of a modest amount of cash, or if you know of a member who has such a need, please apply (or encourage that person to apply). Call or email Ed and Sally Ehlinger, edehlinger@gmail.com (612) 827-8087; Michael Donahue, med717@aol.com (651) 264-9590; Kathy Murphy, kcmurphytaylor@aol.com (612) 871-8712; or Lynn Hallett, mlhallett@yahoo.com (651) 697-9534. We respect your privacy.


SOSS community members place high value on responding to the pastoral needs of one another. Please let us know when you (or someone you love) are experiencing a health crisis, death of a loved one or other difficult times. Call 612-767-4530 and follow the menu instructions to relate your pastoral care need. You will be forwarded to the home phone of the Pastoral Care person on call. The Pastoral Care person will answer or call you back to link you with community members who have volunteered to be of assistance. PC members rotate being ‘on-call’.


Gluten-free Eucharist is available to all who would like it. The communion station will be near the windows behind the East pillar.


Please pray for mercy for all those who live on death row across the country, especially those scheduled to be executed in the coming week, including Anthony Shore on 10/18/17 in TX and Torrey McNabb on 10/19/17 in AL. Please also pray for all the victims of violent crime, all the families involved, the prison staff, and those who hold vigil to end the death penalty. For more information about efforts to abolish the death penalty, go to www.deathpenaltyinfo.org.


Prayer Network (Prayers@spiritofststephens.org OR Marilaurice@hotmail.com)
This week we pray with all who seek the feast of God’s abundant love and hospitality. We pray with all who say YES to the divine invitation, time and time again. We pray with all who live God’s love through acts of justice, inclusion and compassion. We pray with all who have forgotten how to be good guests through acts of injustice, oppression, exclusion and failure to care. We pray with all the dear neighbors who join us at the banquet table; those who suffer, those who are poor, those who are experiencing homelessness, joblessness, incarceration, or mental and physical challenges. We pray with all who believe that God will swallow up death and destroy shame everywhere on earth and all who would love to redeem their shame-full life with such belief. We pray with all who live in the knowledge of being created in God’s image. We pray with all who hope in God and all who cannot. We pray with all whose tears spill down their cheeks, waiting to be wiped away. We pray with all who grieve and all who mourn, wondering when the tears will stop. We pray with all who raise their voices on behalf of those who do not have the freedom to do so. We pray in gratitude for all the times, fleeting or extended, we find contentment in our lives. We pray with all who help us through the difficult times, shouldering the burden with us to lighten the load. We pray in gratitude for the God who is lavish and the many opportunities we have to be God-like in this way. We pray with brides and grooms, guests, parents, friends, caterers of the feast, fattened cattle and those who do not expect an invitation to the feast. We pray with all who are over-extended, off-balance, or overwhelmed causing them to ignore the invitation to the feast and all who are never invited. We pray with all messengers who have been attacked for the message carried. We pray with all who practice violence and the many lives lost. We pray in gratitude with the knowledge that all are called and all are chosen. We pray with all nervously awaiting the results of medical tests or procedures and all who live in chronic pain. We pray with all who live with cancer, its treatments, its uncertainties and those who love them. We pray with all children who are sick, suffering, imprisoned, lonely or afraid and all who tend children in their need. We pray with all who must make difficult decisions about their own health or the health of a loved one. We pray with all in hospice care especially our dear Gini and Jeanne. We pray in gratitude for poets and prophets who help us pray; ”O hushed October morning mild…” We pray for Donald Trump and with all elected officials and candidates that they may search for wisdom with courage. We pray with all our immigrant sisters and brothers, especially those detained or deported. We pray with all victims; senseless wars, accidents, human trafficking, hate and violence. We pray with all lives impacted by the wildfires in California: victims, families, firefighters, animals, Mother Earth. We pray our worry over the rising waters of Lake Superior. We pray with soldiers and their families in every land. We pray for peace. With the sick and suffering, faithful caregivers and all who have died, we pray to our God…


Hearing challenges? We are starting a trial project of getting the readings and a copy of the homily of the day printed each week in the hope that the additional information will make the prayer more inclusive for you. A few copies will be available at the double-doors off the long hallway, near the nametags, and you are invited to pick them up. No idea of how many copies we need so let Marilaurice know if we run out before you get one! Another reminder: be sure to try a different seat in the Sanctuary to get a different volume. Basically, the closer to the speakers you are, the louder it will be.


Gifts for Families Project - Is anyone able to take on the Gifts for Families Project that we have been doing with Hennepin County for the last five years? If so, please contact me and I will help you get started. Thank you for considering this. Suzanne H., 651-353-7473


Loaves and Fishes – New Volunteers Welcome And Needed
Every second Friday of odd numbered months, the SOSS Community serves a hot meal to about 200 guests at the old St. Stephen’s School. We have two shifts needing volunteers: 20 people for the first shift (2:00 – 4:30 PM) to prepare the meal and 36 people for the second shift (4:50 – 7:30 PM) to serve the meal, have dinner and do the clean up. There are jobs for people of all ages. If you would like to be put on the volunteer list, please send your email address to Susan O’Leary (flav854@gmail.com) or call her at 651-292-0326. You will receive a notice 3 weeks before each serving date. Our next serving date is FRIDAY, NOV. 10


To more effectively communicate our grace and grit, the communication committee proposes that we use an "opt-out" policy for photos taken at the church and at SoSSCC events. This would mean you would advise the communication committee if you would NOT like your likeness to appear on the website, on our Facebook page, or in other media. Please talk to the communication committee member if you have a concern about this.


As the calendar flips and temperatures drop, donations of hats and gloves pour in to St. Stephen’s Human Services. These items are greatly needed, but so are the other items that shelter guests use every day of the year: in particular, soap, travel-sized shampoo, deodorant, shaving products, socks, pajama bottoms, and M-2XL men’s underwear. Bring items with you to Spirit, or purchase “wish list” items directly from http://bit.ly/sshsneeds. SSHS is also planning to open a second shelter in November and will need 150 sets of twin linens, blankets, and towels to accommodate the corresponding increase in capacity. Thank you.


Spirit of St. Stephen’s Oral History Project – We are in need of volunteers who can transcribe fascinating stories from our community. Would you be able to listen to digital recordings and type up transcripts as you listen? We promise it will not be dull work. These are stories of faith in action, solidarity and civil disobedience, the people as the church, and the radical inclusion practiced by this beloved community for decades. Training will be provided. If you know high school or college students who need service hours, or people who would like a volunteer project they can do in their own time and at home, send them my way. Contact Margaret Miles at 612-990-7149 or milesminneapolis@gmail.com. Thank you!


Spirit of St Stephen’s Catholic Community Bulletin Report, September 2017
For more details, go to www.spiritofststephens.org, click on Council/Committees, click on financial reports


TODAY, after church – Family and Children program. We will meet to think about our hopes and dreams for the Family and Children program. Anyone interested in supporting or being part of the program should attend. We want to have as many people as we can to help us understand what works/doesn’t work in our program and to imagine what we would like it to be and how we can get there! Contact Gretchen Hovan with any questions or ideas.  ghovan@gmail.com or 612.412.6163


Sundays, 11am – My Neighbor is Muslim: You are welcome to attend Sunday education hour for any of the following presentations by two local Imams; Oct. 15 - Qur’an; Oct. 29 – Sharia, Jihad & Family structure; Nov. 5 – Islamic Economics; Nov. 19 – CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations). Faith Mennonite Church, 2720 E. 22nd St., Mpls 55406. Sessions include small group discussion. Contact: faithmc@faithmennonite.org


Tuesday, October 17th, 5:30–8:30pm – Carmen Pampa Fund, an organization that we support dedicated to providing college education for Bolivian rural youth in need, has their annual wine tasting and silent auction event at St. Mary's Greek Orthodox Church in Minneapolis. Please visit carmenpampafund.org to RSVP for an evening of fun and friendship.


NEXT SUNDAY!!!! All Saints Choir: All are welcome to sing on the feast of All Saints and Souls. There is one rehearsal on Oct. 22 right after liturgy (2 weeks before 11/5 because of the Assembly on the 29th) and a short rehearsal before prayer on Nov. 5. This is a great opportunity to make a joyful noise without a long-term commitment! Email Marilaurice (Marilaurice@hotmail.com) for more details or to reserve a packet.


Sunday, October 22nd, 2–4pm – Memorial Tegeder Talk – "Catholics and Racial Injustice: Overcoming Our Fears & Using Our Values."  Dr. Marcia Chatelain (Georgetown Univ). Church of St. Francis of Cabrini, Free but REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED @www.cabrinimn.org/tegeder-talks. 

Sunday, October 29th - 10:45-Noon (at the latest) – Location Assembly – Watch your in-box for numbers from Tony A. that we will bring into this conversation. Childcare will hopefully be provided.


Sunday, November 5th - All Saints and Souls Celebration – We will celebrate the great company of saints in this community on Sunday, November 5. Please plan ahead to bring a picture or memory to place around the altar of your beloved “saint” on this special feast day.


November 10th, 7pm - Sanctuary Concert presented by City Singers – Please join us for original music by Director/Composer Michelle Porter (long-time member of St Stephens), as well as other beautiful choral works, all related to the question, "Where do we find Sanctuary?" Lake Harriet United Methodist Church, 4901 Chowen Ave S, Free will donation accepted.


Sunday, November 19th – SAVE the DATE – SOSSCC Fall Assembly


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