(c) 2015, Spirit of St. Stephen's Catholic Community, Minneapolis MN

 1     Advent                                                                Waiting God, we begin anew the season of waiting.   [Rev. 2009]  

 2     Annunciation Time                                           Creator God, today we celebrate you as the Source of . . .   [2008]        

 3     Assumption                                                       Holy and life-giving God, We gather to celebrate the beauty of   [2008]

 4     Birth of a Child or to Celebrate Children        Good and loving Creator, thank you for our            [2008]

 5     Birth of Child-Xmas version                             As above, but Response is: Go tell it on the mountain……  [2008]

 6     Bread and Exiles                                               God of all who are tired and poor    [2008]  

 7     Christmas                                                          Praise to you, Creator of all, maker of earth and sky…Go tell it [2008]

 8     Community I                                          God stepped out on space and said, I’m lonely, I think I’ll  [2008]

  9    Community II                                                     Creator God, you are the expanding Source of all   [2008]

10    Creation I                                                           We are of the Earth, we remember what you have      [2008]      

11    Creation II                                                          Begins same as Creation I, but then changes.               [2008]

12    Discipleship                                                       Praised are you, O God, who has bestowed on us inChrist  [2011]

13    Easter I                                                               Creator of all, Designer of life and death, You are           [2008]

14    Easter II                                                              God of Earth and Sky and all that lives, in resounding…         [2008]   

15    Easter III                                                             God of Light & Illumination, God of Alienation &     [2008]          

16    Easter IV                                                             God of Fire & Feast, God of Water & Word  [2008]

17    Eternal Life   [male]                               Wonderful God, We gather in your presence this day [2010]      

18   Eternal Life   [female]                                         Wonderful God, We gather in your presence this day [2009]

19    Holy Spirit/Pentecost                                        God of the Universe, We praise you for your gift of life within  [2011]

20    Hope & Healing                                                 God of the Fullness of Life, we give you thanks   [2008]

21    Hunger                                                               God of abundance beyond our imagining  [Lent 2013]

22    Jesus, the Reconciler                                       God of Creation’s fullness, we praise you [Lent 2011]   

23    Journey                                                              God of the Journey, You have called to us from [Lent 2008]       

24    Law of Love                                                       Creator God, Who has given us the Law of Love   [2008]

25    Least of My People, Matt. 25:40                       God of our hearts, You call us to repent..  [Lent 09]           

26    Love, Commitment, & Community                  Wherever two or more are    [Weddings or anniversaries]

27    Martin Luther King, Jr.                                      God of creation and redemption, How wonderful      [2008, Rev. 2015]        

28    No Frills                                                              Dear and Loving God, You sing us your song of love . . .  [2008]

29    Peace                                                                  God of hearts and nations, We are a community [2008]

30    Pentecost                                               Wonderful Creator, we celebrate You today [2008]

31    Poverty & Abundance                                       Blessed are You, God of all Creation,    [Lent 2006]       

32    Resurrection for a Winter Day                         We are here to praise you, great Creator, for the . . . [2008]         

33    Seasons of Wisdom                                          Creating & nurturing God, Your love has designed a circle . . .  [2008]

34    Spirit of Justice                                                 Creator of the World, Giver of Life, Spirit of Justice        [2008]       

35    Spirit of Love within Family & Community     (Much like Canon of Love, Commitment, & Community [2008]

36    Spirit of Wisdom                                               Creator, Redeemer, …….with Resp from the Magnificat     [2008]    

37    Stories & Parables                                            Creator God, You are the force and inspiration         [2008]      

38   Unity, Community, & the Body of Christ         Welcoming God of hospitality and inclusion     [2008]

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