Mission Statement

The Church of St. Stephen was established in 1885. This Mission Statement, with very few changes, remains essentially the same as that originally adopted by our parent community, the Church of St. Stephen, in 1989. The statement was adopted by the SOSSCC at the January 18, 2009 Assembly Meeting.

We, the Spirit of St. Stephen’s Catholic Community,
are a diverse people,
with a long history.

We are called to be the face of God for one another.
Together we strive to accept and affirm
the likeness of our creator in each one of us,
believing that God made each person
and saw that it was good.

We celebrate the continued presence of Christ in our midst
through Word and Sacrament:
together pouring water,
breaking bread,
sharing forgiveness,
healing wounds.

Empowered by the Spirit dwelling in and among us,
we commit ourselves to grow in faith and in love,
through prayer,
and the wisdom of our traditions.

Accepting the challenge of the Gospel,
we declare our solidarity with all who suffer from injustice.
We will continue to meet
the needs of the vulnerable,
responding to hunger, homelessness, illiteracy, loneliness,
and intolerance.

Our care for one another includes care for the whole web of life:
the earth,
its atmosphere,
its water,
and all of creation.

We believe that our humanity will flourish
following this way,
and the truth of our lives will grow,
and the life we possess together will be abundant and  lasting.

We rejoice that this life of God,
flowing through us all
is to be shared with all.


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