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MAY 7, 2017 ~ 9:30 A.M.


Community Council council@spiritofststephens.org: Cathy Heying, Karen Klein, Virgil Mathiowetz, Mark Muller, Bob Murphy, Paul Sommers, and Jeanne Wingenter
Community Life Coordinator: Marilaurice Hemlock info@spiritofststephens.org

Spirit of St. Stephen’s Catholic Community is an independent Catholic community rooted in Vatican II and Catholic Social Teaching. We believe in the priesthood of all people of faith, and we center our worship on the Eucharist. We support each other in trying to follow the nonviolent Jesus who was radically inclusive. Justice and inclusion in our worship and in our community support our work for justice and peace in our world. We are living the questions, and listening for the Spirit's guidance. All are welcome.

Welcome to All– Thank you for joining your prayer with ours this morning. We remain at many different places along our paths and your questions or comments are invited by any of the ministers. Visitors: We have child care available and also a program for older children during the school year. The first row of chairs on each side of the altar (nearest the musicians) are for those using wheelchairs, walkers, or canes or needing easy access to seating; please do not block the view of those who remain seated in these rows. The section near the front door is a scent free area to better accommodate the needs of individuals with chemical sensitivities/allergies; please refrain from sitting there if you have applied any scented personal care products or have used scented laundry detergent or dryer sheets on your clothing.

COMMUNITY MEMBERS IN NEED FUND – We've collected funds to help meet the urgent needs of our registered SOSSCC members in the areas of housing, food, clothing, medical, and/or transportation. If you have such a (monetary) need which would be alleviated by a (generally) one-time infusion of a modest amount of cash, or if you know of a member who has such a need, please apply (or encourage that person to apply). Call or email Ed and Sally Ehlinger, edehlinger@gmail.com (612) 827-8087; Michael Donahue, med717@aol.com (651) 264-9590; Kathy Murphy, kcmurphytaylor@aol.com (612) 871-8712; or Lynn Hallett, mlhallett@yahoo.com (651) 697-9534. We respect your privacy.

SOSS community members place high value on responding to the pastoral needs of one another. Please let us know when you (or someone you love) are experiencing a health crisis, death of a loved one or other difficult times. Call 612-767-4530 and follow the menu instructions to relate your pastoral care need. You will be forwarded to the home phone of the Pastoral Care person on call. The Pastoral Care person will answer or call you back to link you with community members who have volunteered to be of assistance. PC members rotate being ‘on-call’.

Gluten-free Eucharist is available to all who would like it. The communion station will be near the windows behind the East pillar.

Please pray for mercy for all those who live on death row across the country. Please also pray for the victims of violent crime, all the families involved, the prison staff, and those who hold vigil to end the death penalty. For more information about efforts to abolish the death penalty, go to www.deathpenaltyinfo.org.

Prayer Network (Marilaurice@hotmail.com) This week we pray with all who lead. We pray in gratitude for the model of leadership found in our Shepherd God. We pray with all leaders; family, neighborhood, city, county, state, nation, country, church, organization, institution, or corporation; may they daily be worthy of our trust. We pray with all who possess the confidence and courage to lead from the front of the flock as well as the humility and centeredness to lead from behind. We pray with potential leaders, especially reluctant ones. We pray with leaders who have exploited the confidence of their followers. We pray wisdom and courage for the times we find ourselves as the leaders of the flock. We pray with all sheep who recognize the voice of a shepherd they trust and those who have none. We pray with all who fervently seek safety and pasture. We pray in gratitude for pastures, those places of beauty, refreshment, rest, and security necessary to renew our lives. We pray with all impoverished spirits who have no place of beauty in which to rest. We pray with all who know the destruction of thieves. We pray in gratitude for the presence of the Risen Christ who speaks clearly of God’s enormous love for us in the promise, “I came that you might have life and have it in abundance.” We pray with all who show us how to live life to the fullest. We pray with all who call upon the name of Jesus in the wisdom of the Holy Spirit. We pray in gratitude for the gifts of the Buddha, Mohammad, the Dali Lama, Mahatma Gandhi, Elizabeth Johnson, Joan Chittister, Richard Rohr, and so many spiritual leaders among us and before us. We pray with civic shepherds; may their decisions come from a place of mercy and justice. We pray with all who speak out against the injustice of racism in ways large and small, especially this week at St. Olaf College. We pray with sisters and brothers in Damasak, Nigeria who are missing over 500 of their beautiful children and for all families searching for missing children. We pray with all who live in fear every day because of the violence in San Diego, Dallas and Austin, TX, and so many hidden places in our midst. We pray with all who are bullied, stereotyped, judged, and discriminated against in a subtle violence not marked by weapons. We pray in gratitude for all resurrection signs revealed in the month of May, especially this first weekend filled with MayDay and the Festival of Nations. We pray in gratitude for the color of spring green that is like no other. We pray with all who have suffered the death and destruction of spring floods, tornados, and blizzards. We pray with all who seek meaningful and dignified work. We pray with all in need of our prayers. We pray with all community members and loved ones who seek strength of body, mind and spirit, especially Kathleen R., ML’s cousin, Rena, Frank N., all recovering from surgery, Suzanne and John's son Erik, and all who suffer health concerns of every sort. We pray with all who live with mental illness especially those that have no family present in their lives and we pray in gratitude for families who remain present. We pray with all who live in or near abusive relationships, especially those seeking the courage to continue in a new direction. We pray with soldiers and their families in every land. We pray for peace. With the sick and suffering, faithful caregivers and all who have died. Especially for the long and loving life of Nan's mom who died just short of her 101st birthday. May her peace and joy be complete. we pray to our God…


Lent/Easter/Holy Week Comment Sheets are still available at the entrances (blue half-sheets—last week!) and you may fill one out today. Check the e-version you were sent if that is easier. Be sure to sign your name if you would like a response. Thank you.

Today! This is the day our God has made, let us rejoice and be glad! Coffee and Donuts! Registration opportunities for new members! AND many of the ministry roles for liturgy will be filled by our teens, youth, and children!!!! Our blessings are without number

WE HAVE INHERITED A TREASURE-TROVE! Richelle P-K was a highly regarded professional religious educator and, in that capacity she led Bible Study groups. Richelle has given the Adult Education Committee recordings of her lectures on many of the various books of the Bible. The AEC would like to know the level of interest of community members for being involved in some long-term Bible study. AEC has no format or time period in mind. Rather, the Committee would like to know who in our community might be interested in some serious study of the Bible. If/when interest has been identified, the AEC could help facilitate the formation of a Bible-study program using Richelle’s rich lectures. Please tell any member of the AEC if you might like to be involved in such a project. Call Kathy Murphy at 612 871-8712.


Be on the alert - WAMM's 10th Annual Walk Against Weapons is on Saturday June 3. Brigid and Pepper will be asking you to walk or sponsor their walk. More at WomenAgainstMilitaryMadness.org

Tuesday, May 9th, 7-8pm - Council of the Baptized Open Forum: "Is there only ONE WAY to be Catholic, or are we a "Big Tent" religion?” Are we a Church with a single strict viewpoint, or do we have a history of openness to multiple approaches and understandings of our faith? Join us as Fr. Paul Feela walks us through some of our own history. Explore with us what this means for us today. Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, 700 So. Snelling Ave, St. Paul.

Tuesday, May 16th, from 5-7 pm - SSHS Italian Dinner: Please join St. Stephen’s Human Services at its 28th Annual Italian Dinner fundraiser at St. Mary’s Greek Orthodox Church – 3450 Irving Ave S. Sliding ticket price $20-30. Come for the made-from-scratch dinner & visit with many familiar faces while supporting St. Stephen’s work to end homelessness. For information and to make reservations, contact Mike Menner, 612-870-2283 or mmenner@ststephensmpls.org

Thursday, May 18th at 5:30-8:00 p.m. at St. Mary's Greek Orthodox Church. Annual event for Carmen Pampa Fund, an organization that we support dedicated to providing college education for rural youth in Bolivia. Please visit carmenpampafund.org to RSVP.

In God’s mercy, all of our infirmities find healing.
His mercy, in fact, does not keep a distance:
it seeks to encounter all forms of poverty
and to free this world of so many types of slavery.

Mercy desires to reach the wounds of all, to heal them.
Being apostles of mercy means touching and soothing the wounds
that today afflict the bodies and souls of many of our brothers and sisters.

Curing these wounds, we profess Jesus,
we make him present and alive;
we allow others, who touch his mercy with their own hands,
to recognize him as “[Savior] and God”, as did the Apostle Thomas.
This is the mission that he entrusts to

So many people ask to be listened to and to be understood.
The Gospel of mercy, to be proclaimed and written in our daily lives,
seeks people with patient and open hearts,
“good Samaritans” who understand compassion and silence
before the mystery of each brother and sister.
The Gospel of mercy requires generous and joyful servants,
people who love freely without expecting anything in return. Pope Francis, April 2016

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