2017-12-03 Bulletin


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                                December 3, 2017 ~ 9:30 A.M.

Community Council council@spiritofststephens.org: Cathy Heying, Karen Klein, Virgil Mathiowetz, Darlene Mattson, Mark Muller, Hugh Smeltekop and Jeanne Wingenter

Community Life Coordinator: Marilaurice Hemlock   info@spiritofststephens.org

Spirit of St. Stephen’s is an independent Catholic community, rooted in social justice.  We believe in the priesthood of all people and center our worship on the Eucharist. Justice, peace, inclusion, gratitude, and the wisdom of the Spirit ignite our prayer and our work to follow the non-violent Jesus. All are welcome.

Welcome to AllThank you for joining your prayer with ours this morning. We remain at many different places along our paths and your questions or comments are invited by any of the ministers. Visitors: We have child care available and also a program for older children during the school year. The first row of chairs on each side of the altar (nearest the musicians) are for those using wheelchairs, walkers, or canes or needing easy access to seating; please do not block the view of those who remain seated in these rows. The section near the front door is a scent free area to better accommodate the needs of individuals with chemical sensitivities/allergies; please refrain from sitting there if you have applied any scented personal care products or have used scented laundry detergent or dryer sheets on your clothing.

COMMUNITY MEMBERS IN NEED FUND – We've collected funds to help meet the urgent needs of our registered SOSSCC members in the areas of housing, food, clothing, medical, and/or transportation. If you have such a (monetary) need which would be alleviated by a (generally) one-time infusion of a modest amount of cash, or if you know of a member who has such a need, please apply (or encourage that person to apply). Call or email Ed and Sally Ehlinger, edehlinger@gmail.com (612) 827-8087; Michael Donahue, med717@aol.com (651) 264-9590; Kathy Murphy, kcmurphytaylor@aol.com (612) 871-8712; or Lynn Hallett, mlhallett@yahoo.com (651) 697-9534. We respect your privacy.

SOSS community members place high value on responding to the pastoral needs of one another. Please let us know when you (or someone you love) are experiencing a health crisis, death of a loved one or other difficult times. Call 612-767-4530 and follow the menu instructions to relate your pastoral care need. You will be forwarded to the home phone of the Pastoral Care person on call. The Pastoral Care person will answer or call you back to link you with community members who have volunteered to be of assistance. PC members rotate being ‘on-call’.

Gluten-free Eucharist is available to all who would like it. The communion station will be near the windows behind the East pillar.


Please pray for mercy for all those who live on death row across the country. Please also pray for all those who have lost loved ones to violence, for the prison staff, and for those who hold vigil to end the death penalty. For more information about efforts to abolish the death penalty, go to www.deathpenaltyinfo.org


Prayer Network (Prayers@spiritofststephens.org OR Marilaurice@hotmail.com) This week we pray with all who watch and wait in hope. We pray with all who watch for the coming of the Holy One, by any name or disguise. We pray with all who watch constantly, knowing neither the day nor the hour. We pray with all who watch without benefit of eyesight. We pray with all who watch with the authority of their baptism. We pray with all who watch when it is inconvenient or uncomfortable. We pray with all who watch for one nation, one mountain, one people of justice in the One God. We pray with all who watch for the return of God to this tribe and our heritage. We pray in gratitude that judgment lies in God’s compassionate hands and in embarrassment when we deign to take over God’s job. We pray in gratitude for all who instruct us in God’s ways “that we may walk in God’s paths” and all who struggle to walk at all. We pray in gratitude for the God who waits a lifetime for us for while we wait a moment for God. We pray with all who wait for a true home and all who actively wait with them, especially St. Stephen’s Human Services staff and all housing advocates. We pray with all who have neither home nor shelter, especially these nearly-winter nights and days. We pray with all who hope and work for the transformation of the Universe through the respect of her inhabitants. We pray in horror at bombings at churches, mosques, and gatherings of unsuspecting people. We pray with all who wait for healing, especially John L. and Suzanne H. with their new knees, Kathleen C. Jane A., some of our Special Saturday friends and all our dear ones. We pray in gratitude for the earthly life of Sally Ehlinger who lived with hope and kindness, humility and wonder, all the days of her life. May Ed, Betsy, Gretchen and all of Sally’s family find comfort and support through all of us who love Sally and pledge to eat more fruit and vegetables! We pray in gratitude for nurses, doctors, staff, all health care providers, fire fighters, police officers and all who stay awake to watch. We pray with all who wait with us while we await an unknown future. We pray with all who need the season of Advent and hope with them that they get what they need. We pray in gratitude for Dorothy Day, St. Nicholas, Thomas Merton, St. Ambrose, and Mary, Mother of God, saints of this first week of Advent. We pray with all who have lost sight of the meaning of the word ‘wait’ in this culture of instant everything. We pray with all who can only wait and have found a peace with their God in the waiting. We pray with all who wait for life eternal and those who have recently entered it, especially Sally Ehlinger, Gini Corrick, and Jim Lenarz. We pray with all who watch, all who wait and all for whom the coming of the Promised One is always expected. We pray with all who abuse their power. We pray with soldiers and their families in all the world. We pray for peace in every holy land, especially Kenya, Myanmar, and Yemen. With the sick and suffering, faithful caregivers and all who have died, we pray to our God…


December Worship Committee meeting will be on Thursday, Dec. 14, at 6:45 PM in the Fireside Room. Ash Wednesday is Feb. 14! All are welcome.


During the season of Advent, we will continue to collect items needed for dignity, safety and warmth by the guests and clients of St. Stephen’s Human Services. Wool socks, gloves/mittens, hats, long and short underwear are most in need. Go to ststephensmpls.org (Get Involved/Donate) for a complete list. Look for the baskets in the Sanctuary to place your items. Thanks to Mike for transporting them each week over to Human Services.

Teachers needed!  Church School is looking for teachers for the new year (Jan. 2018).  The lessons are prepared for you and Gretchen is happy to help support you in your teaching.  The young people love getting to know our community, so please consider volunteering!

Annual Homeless Memorial March and Silent Vigil and Service on Thursday, December 21 gather at the Hennepin County Government Center starting at 5:00 pm. Simpson Church Service at 6:30 pm Community Meal 7:30 pm


* * * *   T   O   D   A   Y * * * *

After church today! In place of the usual First Sunday coffee and doughnuts, St. Stephen’s Human Services invites you to an open house celebrating its newly remodeled Ed Flahavan Welcome Center. A light lunch will be provided, and staff will be on hand to discuss our work. The office is at 2309 Nicollet. An accessible entrance is at the back door off the alley. The Nicollet Avenue entrance will also be open. If you have any questions please contact executive director Gail Dorfman at 612-870-2278, or by email gdorfman@ststephensmpls.org

Sunday, December 10, after Liturgy– JEAC will present Amanda Lyons, Director of the U of MN Human Rights Center, who will speak on the obligations of corporations under international human rights law and how we can encourage our local business leaders to comply.  Amanda is very familiar with Catholic social justice, having worked with the Franciscans International on human rights advocacy.  Please join us in the Fireside room.

As we have in the past, Spirit will participate in Hennepin County’s ‘Giving Partners Holiday Program’, in which we are matched with families who are experiencing hardships that could make the holidays difficult. Participants buy gifts (including toys, gift cards and household necessities) and we get them to county staff working with the families between Dec. 11th and Dec. 19th for delivery to the families. Gift cards are especially welcome. Liadan  and Anne  will be gathering names of people/families who would like to help. Call or email if you have any questions or would like to help! Reach Anne at 612-209-2524, / johnmquincy@yahoo.com, or Liadan at liadanm@gmail.com /  612-724-8405.  Thanks!

Friday, Dec 8 and Saturday, Dec 9 at 8 pm, Sunday Dec 10 at 2 pm-The Twin Cities Gay Men's Chorus of which Hugh S. is a member, works to build community and confront intolerance through music. This year they are presenting their annual holiday concert, “Around the World”. All performances at Ted Mann Concert Hall on the U of M West Bank. Members of our community receive a $5 discount when ordering tickets with the promo code FAITH17 at tcgmc.org or call U of M box office at 612-624-2345.


Tuesday December 12 at 7:00 - 8:30 pm - CCCR and Council of the Baptized invite you to the monthly Open Forum to address this question: “Where do we go from here….given the Massimo Faggioli presentation sponsored by CTA-Mn and symposium “Man, Woman and the Order of Creation” cosponsored by St. Paul Seminary School of Divinity, Minnesota Catholic Conference, and the Siena Symposium for Women, Family and Culture on Dec. 11A three-person panel will introduce issues and provide some brief reflections to be followed by discussion on directions for Church reform.     Please join us for this discussion being held at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, 700 So. Snelling Avenue in St. Paul.


They watch for Christ

who are sensitive, eager, apprehensive in mind,

who are awake, alive, quick-sighted, zealous in honoring him,

who look for him in all that happens, and

who would not be surprised,

who would not be over-agitated or overwhelmed,

if they found that he was coming at once…

This then is to watch:

to be detached from what is present, and

to live in what is unseen;

to live in the thought of Christ as he came once,

and as he will come again;

to desire his second coming, from our affectionate

and grateful remembrance of his first.

                        John Henry Newman

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