Community Building by Richard Rohr

Community Building by Richard Rohr

We became convinced in years of community building that you can only build on life.

All else is sand.

You cannot build on fear, guilt, coercion, or even idealism.
You cannot build on gospel passages, nor Church commandments,
 Or Papal mandates unless they put you in touch with life.

You cannot build on death. 
Unforgiveness, repressed hurts, denied feelings, unconscious anger will eventually show themselves as unfit foundations for community.
They might appear to be energy in the short run, but they will in time show themselves to be negative energy, incapable of sustaining real life.

Wisdom has built herself a house, says Proverbs 9:1.  
And wisdom knows that you can only build on the foundation of life.

This journey into ever deeper life is the essence of faith community.
                                                          Fr. Richard Rohr, “SOJOURNERS”
Richard Rohr's Meditation for the Day, 2/28/09


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